Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never buy mp3's from Itunes

Speaking of the new Android phone, this is exactly why I have told everyone I know to NEVER buy a song from iTunes. I never have and am incredibly grateful for my choice.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sister site

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Droid Does - Decoded

I am so pumped about the new Android phone coming out for Verizon. So when I saw the cool ads during sunday night football, knocking the iPhone, and ending with the DroidDoes.com , i immediately went to it. I saw the timer at the bottom, and knew what it was immediately, and decided to try to crack it... way easier than I thought it would be. It is your standard, DD:HH:MM:SS countdown timer I believe. And when I cracked it last night, it had just over 11 days left on the timer...now I don't know if this means that the information will be released in 11 days or that the actual phone will be released in 11 days, but either way, it's pretty cool. See the image to the left for legend to see how much time is left yourself.

Now I just need to crack the money problem to buy one for myself....

Antivirus Pro 2010

How to remove Antivirus Pro 2010:

I had this virus on my own computer a year ago, when it was 2009. A simple install of Malwarebytes was all it took. This year, when my girlfriend's computer became infected, it was a totally different story.

After the jump, a list of the crazy but ingenious things that the new virus changed in order to make removal difficult, and how to fix them:


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